About me

Hello! 🙂

My name is Elena, board games are my hobby. It all started with an attempt to find an alternative to computer games for the son. Now this is a common hobby that unites us and does not give boredom to other family members.

Why do I need another blog? Most existing blogs describe games from the position “adult plays with adults”. I want to share my gaming experience with children and other family members who are not experienced in board games. Most often we play together with a ten year old son. Often we are a company with a husband and daughter, relatives and friends, children of relatives and friends. But still most of our collection is designed specifically for boys 10+.

From the game with the children you get completely different impressions. For a son, each party is a new adventure, and you begin to believe that the game board does not have chips and dice, but pirates, warriors, ships and robots. I am very glad that my son and I have such a wonderful hobby, one for two. If after reading my blog someone will be interested and start playing with the kids in the pantry, it will be wonderful.