Review of the game Dusk-12 from the developers of Orion Games

Miniclip game Dusk-12There is an opinion that in the world there are two types of people: the first learn from other people’s mistakes, and the latter learn from their own. Voronezh “craftsmen” from Orion Games do not belong to either, or to others. For several years now this domestic studio has been stepping on the same rake, and every time it’s getting stronger and stronger. It would seem that the previous trash-crafts of the developers – “Cleaner”, “Metro-2”, “Inhabited Island: Alien among strangers” – should once and for all repulse the desire to create typical “russian FPS”. But no. This winter, from the pen of the mountain-developers went another B-shooter: “Territory of Darkness” (Dusk-12 for fearless Western gamers). This time about zombies, mutants and secret experiments.

However, the change of the plot landmarks in no way affected the quality of the game itself. It, like in previous projects, stopped somewhere just below the baseboard. At the end of 2007, the scriptwriters of the company managed to create a pair of storyline-stunts. Theoretically, the two story lines were to fully disclose the picture of the “terrible” events that took place in the town of Chernozersk, but in reality everything turned into a depressing reel of different heroes in the same locations. In the casting for the role of key characters, the universal soldier Gorin, raised in the framework of the “Creator” experiment, and the squadron commander Andrei Yegorov, won. An angry superman burns a desire to escape beyond the populated “populace” inhabited by distraught inhabitants, obscure monsters and soldiers of NATO, while the special forces are all eager to seize the genetic product of scientific and technological progress. The plot is given in the form of cut-rolls on the engine and a muffled muttering behind the scenes. Some details, if desired, can be gleaned from the prequel comic book attached to the collection, but its wretched implementation completely discourages the desire to imbue with the difficult fate of the experimental Gorin.

Play game Dusk-12The gameplay starts in the destroyed laboratory. The main character comes to life on the operating table, suffering from severe headaches and trying to at least a little to identify the location of his location. Memory recovery will occur over several levels. During this time, the protagonist will exterminate a hundred soldiers and monsters like themselves. The initial locations are horrified. And the reason for that is not even in the crooked design of the underground complex. All the blame for the banal lack of weapons in the hands of the character. That is, to deal with the enemies he has, they say, with his bare hands. But if in Condemned and F.E.A.R. hand-to-hand combat was realized at a more or less acceptable level, then the “Orion” turned out the opposite.

Some fists with strikingly accurate opponents will not be able to be finished, even with a great desire. Therefore, the authors provided Gorin with a set of spetsumeny in the number of five pieces. Thanks to the efforts of scientists, he can move with tripled speed, stop time (well, where now without slow-mo), regenerate health and see in the dark, and at the very end, the “cyborg” will disperse to such an extent that he can personally generate and rush into the foes balls of dark energy. This is much steeper than shooting from the generous igrodel machine-gun with infinite ammunition.

The line of Egorov looks like a pseudo horror. On approach to the target, a helicopter with fighters was shot down from a rocket launcher. Despite the crash of the car, part of her crew managed to survive, being thus scattered at different ends of the virus-infected city. The game for the “human” hero already somehow falls under the definition of a shooter – the lieutenant rushes through the post-Soviet locations with a submachine-gun and shoots from bloodthirsty Aborigines. The armored arsenal of the paratrooper does not strike the imagination: a pistol, an assault rifle, grenades, a sniper and a killer flamethrower. The most vivid impressions of the races on Chernozersk are the ubiquitous scripts and annoying advertising of chocolate bars “Shock”, the more stupid product placement is still worth looking for.

New game Dusk- 2017In-house “disassembly” adversely affected the technical filling of the “Territory of Darkness”. Stupid AI, thorny textures and models of enemies, lack of a multi-user mode, a fair amount of bugs – the beta test clearly passed by the game.

The final result is disappointing – another coffee stand. However, if you have managed to buy a gift edition, there are many more reasons for joy: a CD with a soundtrack can be adapted for cacti, a black bandana can be used for wiping dust, and a comic book will find great use in the toilet.

Pros: the game periodically starts.
Cons: Inarticulate plot; curve gameplay; outdated graphics; awful voice acting; a bunch of bugs.

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