The Angels League is the next generation of free browser MMORPG games.

Game Angels LeagueThe Angels League is the next generation of free browser MMORPG games. Charming defenders of heaven need your help! The forces of evil captivated beautiful creatures and took away their magical abilities. Only you can save the angels and restore their freedom! Collect a detachment of unique heroes and come to the aid of heavenly warriors!

Key features

The living world. The plot of the game Angels League unfolds in a unique thoughtful universe, filled with exciting stories and events. Many game locations are created randomly in real time, which makes the passing of the game angels more interesting.

Stunning graphics. Graphics are a painful place for many browser games, but the League of Angels is a pleasant exception to the rules! Heroes, surroundings and game locations are executed in the smallest details and carefully traced.

Bright characters. During the adventure, you will often meet charming angels who can help with the assignment or join your squad. All of them have a unique angelic appearance, an individual character and a special set of skills.
Universal pumping. In travel, you will be accompanied by mighty heroes and warrior angels, so the development of the detachment is one of the most important elements of the game. Broad tactical capabilities help to create unique combinations from combat build up to the choice of equipment for heroes.

Rich content. The lengthy plot campaign is diluted by a huge number of interesting activities. Tournaments, arenas, blacksmith’s craft, farming, gemology, alchemy and much more! At any time, you can distract yourself from heroic deeds and go to the city to rest or measure your strength with other players.

No limits and partial replay

New game Angels League 2017

Here, the choice is not limited to just one good thing – the fans of the dark side of the force will easily find a lesson to their liking. Quests vary depending on the chosen side, so seasoned players can learn something new when re-passing. Tasks will be the starting point for travel to numerous locations, including dungeons, forests, glades, stony and desert terrain.

Group beating of evil spirits

In the main part of the League of Angels allows you to control only the main character, but in battle there is a whole party control system. There can only be five members in the detachment, one of which is the main character. To him, as the passage passes, four more fighters will join. The fights are step-by-step, so all the participants strike in turns. The chosen strategy will determine the quality of the attacks. In the management of the main role is played by the mouse, and on the keyboard you can chat with other participants.

For all your reward

For the execution of quests traditionally given gratitude in the form of experience and money. But here, as in some other browsers, to the experience points and gold to the angels are added items and pieces of equipment. They affect the characteristics of the character, significantly enhancing it. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the selection of good things.

Traditional distribution of forces

Classes are simple, but interesting. There are thirteen varieties of angels. Their difference lies in the characteristics and skills. In battle, every angel has his own destiny. Someone goes into hand-to-hand combat without fear of getting a lot of damage. Someone likes to play from the defense. There are fans of magic “tricks” that heal allies and send destructive spells to the enemy.

Preparing for battle competently

Online game Angels LeagueAnd the warriors accompanying the angel (there are four of them in the detachment) can belong to one of the eight classes and be magicians, archers or knights. Thanks to the pumping the class improves. Before the battle should be selected such a team, where there are no weak points and there are tactical opportunities. That is, by collecting only the melee warriors, you can lose the enemy with the magicians and archers. Balance is desirable, but nobody forbids experimenting.

On this entertainment does not end

The fight in the League of Angels will be with both mobs and real players. There are PvP modes, 3×3 and 5×5 battles in the “King of the Mountain” format, as well as large-scale 10×10 battles with the capture of the flag. Afflicted only, that battles are available only in automatic mode, as with conventional PvE.

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